Who We Are

#UniteInGratitude was inspired by a group of advertising and marketing staffers from NYC-based Omnicom Health Group. Omnicom Health Group is a New York City-based network of dedicated healthcare marketing and communications companies, and is part of Omnicom Group, Inc.

Many of the Group’s employees live and work in the greater NYC metro area, one of the hardest-hit areas of the country. We have family, friends and neighbors working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some staff members have had coronavirus, and others have lost loved ones to the disease. We’ve been at windows and on rooftops for the 7 PM salute to healthcare workers. But the pandemic is not over, and we wanted to share an idea we hope will unite others in gratitude for all healthcare workers, while providing a fundraising mechanism to support them.

Official Press Release


Our Sponsors


#UniteInGratitude was made possible in part through the support of Pfizer, Inc. and Merck & Co., Inc. Both have provided a sponsorship grant to #UniteInGratitude to support out-of-pocket costs for launching the campaign, including initial manufacturing of Gratitude Flags. We are extremely grateful for their participation and support.


Gratitude Flagmaker


Annin Flagmakers has been making our country’s symbol since 1847 and have become known as the premier flag manufacturer in the United States. Annin Flagmakers is a 6th generation, family-owned and-operated company. All of their flags are made to the highest standards by the most experienced flagmakers in the industry.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid, Hollywood icon and now host of the podcast, The Dennissance with Dennis Quaid. Dennis generously lent his voice and talent to the #UniteInGratitude commercial. According to Quaid, “I was interested in doing this campaign with Omnicom because our healthcare workers really are the true heroes of the recent months. They knew they were going into harm’s way, and did their job, just like they always do. We all owe them our gratitude, our praise, and in so many cases, our lives."

Our Partners

All of the work to create #UniteInGratitude, the Gratitude Flag, this web store, and our TV commercial has been contributed pro bono by the following partner companies and individuals. We are extremely grateful to each of them for believing in the importance of #UniteInGratitude, and for donating their time and talent to bring this message of thankfulness and unity to life.

Omnicom Agency Partners

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